Family Rules

Some article I read recently got me thinking about the rules that we grow up with, and how they can shape who we become. I don’t really remember having any rules growing up. Well, maybe I should re-phrase that. I don’t really remember having rules until I broke them, and then they were noticeable. Apparently there was a “no stealing your friend’s parents car and running over their neighbors’ mailbox when you’re 13” rule. And breaking rules always resulted in even more rules like “no running away from home when you find out you’re grounded for running over the mailbox or now you are REALLY grounded” rule. There probably were actual rules, I clearly just had a lot of other things on my mind (like trying to figure out how to drive).

So I’ve been considering what the rules of my home are, if any, or what I hope they will be. It’s hard when the girls are so little because 90% of the rules I thought of revolve around not inflicting bodily harm to others. Although those are probably keepers but I hope at some point they will become common sense. *hope*

So it didn’t leave me with much, but here are a few rules that guide us and will help newcomers decide if they want to join us.

1) We don’t brush our hair. Seriously, hardly ever can you even find a brush in this house. I don’t know if this one actually needs to be a written rule as much as it just is de facto. We aren’t vehemently opposed to brushing hair, we just always seem to forget. We are the craziest haired clad you’ll ever see! (Examples demonstrated below)

2) We share EVERYTHING! Maybe I am a big ol’ socialist, but not sharing drives me crazy. This rule should actually state “We share nothing and therefore mom yells a lot and we sit in time out all the time.” But someday I envision a utopia of sharing residing under this roof.

3) We don’t swallow screws. Due to recent events I feel the need to add this disclaimer to any discussion I possibly can. ” Swallowing screws is very dangerous. It makes mommy very scared. We have to go the hospital and you have to sit still and not whine for much longer than you are capable of. It is also VERY expensive. So if you want Christmas presents I suggest you stop shoving metal objects in your mouth. Oh, and p.s. you have to poop out whatever you swallow. Your choice, but I think there are better options than pointy metal pieces.” I hope we are clear on this rule and that I don’t have to go over it again.

4) We have a ton of fun. Always. We laugh, play, dance, and sing through the tears, the stress, through all of my meltdowns. Life is way too fun not to do these things. OUR life is way too fun to not make this a rule we live by.

I think that’s it! Pretty simple, huh? Although I am reserving the right to create new rules Bill Maher style at any time, especially if any more non consumable objects are swallowed.

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