You don’t need new clothes, you need to do laundry

That is going to be my motto for the next 8 months. The countdown to Africa begins, and to be honest I don’t know exactly how it’s all going to get paid for. Regardless, I am going. 🙂

I am, however, trying everything in my power to save money wherever I can. I’m trying to think of clever ways to shave off my close to non-existent spending budget. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

I’m not going to buy any new clothes this winter. Last year I only bought clothes that were used, and this year I’m taking it a step farther. I’m getting clothes only from clothing swaps or from friends who want to give them to me (and luckily there are quite a few who have).  This is extremely hard for me. I love shopping. I love clothes. It’s a big deal and you should pat me on the back (and buy me some shoes) for this one. I am going to allow TWO clothing purchases, however. I desperately need new running shoes (killing myself) and I kinda want to buy some snowshoes. I don’t think those actually count as clothing, however. I certainly won’t be wearing them out any time soon.

Uggg. I don’t even like to type this one. I’m trying to not go out that much. It’s not like I actually “go out” very often as is, but I figue if I go out even less then not very often, that =’s more $. Last week I made my friend come over to my house when I was kidless instead of going to dinner or drinks.  It’s a start. I just feel miserable when I can’t be with people. When I can’t interact, and laugh, and dance, and have adult conversations at least once a week… I feel like I’m in my own sort of hell.

Aside from these things, I’m not sure what else to do! Nobody wants to buy babies these days. The market is horrible. Besides, I don’t really want to sell them (except at 5:00 in the morning). Anyone have some money saving tips for me? Clearly I have a lot to learn.

So here are a few things I can’t do. I can’t sell my car, cause I already did that a year ago to buy a house! So now I have my grandpa’s old boat/car that has AARP stickers on it (but will fit three car seats in the back!) Nobody is going to pay $ for this car, so it’s not an option.

I can’t start taking the bus to save gas money. I have two kids, two jobs, and two different child care locations. My days are insane. It’s not happening. End of story.

Anything else, I’m willing to give a shot! Give me suggestions. How do you save money?

*Note: While working on this blog my phone died. Like DIED died. Won’t even charge. Please tell me one of your money saving ideas involves me buying a new iPhone?!


  • Ahem, there WILL be dancing tomorrow. WILL. BE. DANCING.

    Also, I have a sweet trench coat I’m willing to trade for Ev.


  • YES! Just when they say the market isn’t going to get better anytime soon, and opportunity like this comes along. 🙂


  • re-use dental floss. Keep it soaking in mouthwash.


  • When you go grocery shopping, stick to the edges of the store. Avoid going down the aisles of pre-packaged or prepared foods. They seem cheap, but you can do better with fresh food. Eric was amazed we only spent $15 at the store last night – and it’s because we only bought fruits and veggies and bread.


  • Hey Meg!
    I’m moving to Alaska next summer and I too am trying to save money anywhere I can. I obviously don’t have to worry about a family but I’m doing the little things I can too.

    I compared my phone plan at Sprint which they don’t tell you you can do, but I saved $20/month going to a new plan that had better options (really, I don’t need unlimited minutes during the day when I already get all cell calls in and out for free!) and it didn’t affect my contract.

    Also, I am throwing all my spare change into a box I can’t get into unless I use drastic measures. Really cliche, but it adds up. I’m too broke to buy good coffee so whenever I really feel that urge to hit Starbucks, I throw that 3 or 4 bucks into it too.

    I don’t know where you grocery shop, but my best friend and I just split the cost to get a joint Costco membership. She has kids so we are going in together to split bulk items.

    Oh, and I haven’t had time to do this, but my step-sister and her friends started their own wine-tasting group (it has some catchy name that I can’t remember). Anyhow, they each bring their own wine to someone’s house every week or whatever it is and someone is always in charge of driving after. But they worked it out because some of them have kids and they have alternate through who takes care of the kids and who drives.

    Don’t know if this helps, but good luck! And I’d buy your babies, but I’m saving up for Alaska 🙂


  • Megan,
    I’m loving your blog…saw it on your facebook and clicked…congrats on Africa! That’s a place I have dreamed of as well. Here’s a website a friend told me about last year…how to save $1000 in a month. It’s got some interesting tips – not all are feasible but something might be of interest to you.

    Good Luck! Kelly


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