Worlds Apart

This week I launched my fundraising effort for my volunteer trip to Kenya. I have been extremely nervous up to this point about what type of response I might get. I’ve probably been far too preoccupied and overly concerned with the fear that 1) I won’t raise the money I need and 2)I’ll look like a jerk for trying to raise money.

Turns out, as it usually does, I’ve been worried about nothing.

I’ve had a fantastic response so far. I’ve received over $1,000 in not even three days, and I’ve also received some of the most positive feedback I could ever have hoped for.

It turns out, that asking for help can actually be the best decision you ever make! It creates a shared purpose, it renews a tired imagination, it strengthens determination and drive. I’m so happy that I asked for help.

And so I’m asking you, but only if you’re able, if you can help in any sort of way.  Please check out my kickstarter page below, and learn more about what why I’m asking. Click on the link below to find out more.

Worlds Apart

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