Reading under the tree

Probably my favorite day so far in Shimoni. We got to read to the children of the village who are too young to attend school. We brought books and blankets and sat under a large Bilbao tree. The children came running from all around. It was wonderful to see their excitement over books. This young girl with the flowers on her dress was my favorite. She repeated everything I said, so I started saying “head, sholderd, knees and toes” and got her singing it.

We taught a life skills class today, as well as choir. I will include the choir video as soon as I can. It was such a wonderful time. Amazing, amazing time.

Once we were done with all our classes we went swimming in the ocean. The first time I haven’t had to be covered, so it was really good to feel the sun.

We finished the night by going out to eat at a local shop. Amazing fish, beans, rice with coconut milk, cabbage, greens and chapatis (eaten all with our hands!) for $1.50!

What a beautiful day! If I could just have my loved ones here with me, it would possibly be perfect.

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