To the One


To the outnumbered one

You were surrounded by a lifetime of girls.

To the jokester one

Who pulled on ears and curls.

To the responsible one

Spending years in night school over time.

To the wild one

Who encouraged us girls to climb.

To the quiet one

That learned how to listen and learn.

To the disciplinary one

Who rarely got to act very stern.

To the dedicated one

Always spotted cheering in the stands.

To the adventurous one

Taking us  to unknown lands.

To the kind hearted one

The greatest example of true wealth.

To the brave one

Courage when fighting for your health. .

To the sad one

Saying goodbye to more than you should.

To the joyful one

Who remembers that “life is good”.

From the grateful one

Who had the best parents life could give

To the special dad

Who taught me how to live.


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