I’ve had some amazing Twitter moments lately. Moments where authors I admire and who I spend hours pedaling products for actually talk to me. TO ME! It is such a crazy feeling when technology bridges the gaps that feels insurmountable. Here are a few of the moments:

Nikki McClure is one of my all time favorite illustrators and artists. My house is decorated with her work, my office is decorated with her work, I give away her work as presents, you get the point. Imagine my disdain when I ordered three new prints from her and instead they mistakenly sent me a pair of sloth socks. Sloth socks! Those actually exist! As in purple socks with a picture of a smiling sloth on them. I was bummed about it until I got this:


Nikki McClure herself replied to me. So suddenly sloth socks felt like destiny.

A few months back I had the pleasure of escorting around Ally Condie, an author who I love, and eventually introducing her for a keynote address.  It was the most enjoyable task I’ve ever been assigned with because she was so charming. Afterward I got this as my payment, which was exactly what I wanted.


And then completely out of the dark a hugely popular author responded to me after I referenced my addiction with Young Adult Literature and the fact I took his book home after I said I was going to try to quit.


However, none of these moments compare to the level of fame I reached today via Twitter. For those of you who haven’t followed my blog for long, let me explain to you that although you might know me as a “mommy blogger” who writes letters to her daughters who are barely old enough to even read, my most popular blogs of all time were a break up letter to running and this. If you don’t have time to read it I will just summarize and say it’s a blog about me putting my purse in urinals inside porta potties because I thought they were purse holders. For many years. No matter  how many times I make people cry with my blogs, or annoy them with bad analogies, or misuse commas, I am still most known as the pee purse girl.  So today when I got the following tweet after someone referenced my blog, it was the best kind of famous.


Honey Bucket, themselves, read my blog and said that this is a common mistake! Other people put their purses in urinals. I am not an anomaly.

I love technology more now than ever before for bringing me and this Honey Bucket tweeter together. I don’t feel alone anymore and I hope that one day there will be other pee purse bloggers as well. Until then, I’ll just enjoy my fame.

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