Sometimes you’re wrong


Sometimes you think I won’t notice that you are attempting to wear high heel dress up shoes inside your snow boots.

You are wrong.

Just like you are wrong about rain being the tears of fairies and the saying “stick a noodle through your eye.”

Sometimes I let you go ahead and be wrong because it is too adorable to correct.

Sometimes you put your new underwear on top of your old, your dress on backwards and you swear you can’t find the socks I gave you 5 min ago that are in fact already on your feet.

Sometimes I am wrong when I think you won’t notice that I drove around the parking garage for 15 min without finding a spot because I was circling the same level instead of driving up to new ones. (Ok, it was actually your sister who had to clue me in on that one.)

Just like I was wrong when I thought Oregon was a good halfway point between Idaho and Colorado.

Sometimes, often times, I’m wrong in spelling, grammar, geography and about throwing my keys away in gas station bathrooms.

Sometimes I’m wrong when I give you lotion for your dry skin that makes you break out in hives, only to discover the next day it was actually conditioner.

Sometimes you are wrong but you come by it naturally. And at least we can smile through our wrongness together.


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