Why I’m Keeping the “Hip” and You Should Too.

I started this blog almost six years ago. A lot has changed during those years. So much so, that not a week goes by that I don’t think about changing the name of this blog.

I cringe when people ask me for the title of my blog. Not because I feel like there is anything wrong with it, per se, but because I feel like a fraud.

A friend recently told me she met some people who knew of my blog and they wanted to know if I was really a librarian. I laughed giant giggles over the question. Of all the parts of this blog’s title, that is by far my strongest suit. Documented and all.

The mom part is pretty documented too.

But the HIP? That’s where it gets dicey.

Six years ago I think I could pull it off. I looked like this.

Duck face before it was even cool.

I spent much of my time making sure I wasn’t the mom at the grocery store in yoga pants. Those things mattered to me.

Today, I’m in bed by 10:00 most nights. I can’t drink more than two drinks without getting a horrible headache. I’m proud of myself if I go to the store in yoga pants because it means that I at least THOUGHT about doing yoga.

If I “dress up” it usually looks like this.



Parenting has sucked any cool out of me that ever existed. Maybe it is that I’m running to the store to buy lice medication first thing in the morning? Or maybe when I’m heading to the pharmacy for the tenth time in one month to get the latest prescription gracing our kitchen counter. I don’t even have enough NON yoga pants to dress for all the times I go to the store.  Whatever it is, I’m a few days away from changing the name of this blog and purchasing a minivan (not judging. I get it. More room = less fighting).

But here is the thing. I’ve realized I don’t even really care about hip anymore. It was a word that I thought meant I was trying to stay young, connected and current. But then I started hanging around people who are young, connected and current and I realized NOPE! I’m out. Not even for a few minutes can I pretend to want to be that anymore. 

However, this acceptance of my age and status is not helping my blog title one bit. “AgingMomBrarian” or “SemiFunctionalMomBrarian” don’t quite have the right ring to them. So I have no choice but to reclaim the word hip

It is hip to put your kids to bed 15 minutes early so you can binge watch Homeland/Orphan Black/ House of Cards/ Anything but watch their ridiculous mermaid shows for another second. It helps you stay current. 

It is hip to play cribbage with an 8 year old. Or with anyone for that matter. It helps you stay young. 

It is hip to have one adult interaction per month that doesn’t include ordering a latte, paying for lice medicine, or swiping your gym card (yay you’re gonna make it to yoga!) That interaction is called book club. It helps you stay connected. 

By those standards, I get to keep my title and my claim to hip. I bet several of you do as well. 

Here’s to you hip parents everywhere. 



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