Happy Birthday to the Queen of Sheba.

Who is the Queen of Sheba, mama?

I don’t know, my love, why are you interested in her? 

Because she is me, dahling. I am the Queen of Sheba. 

I should have known. 

Almost six years old and already royalty. 

Dancing and commanding your way through life. 

I made a new friend today, mama. 

What do you like about your new friend, my love?

That she only has three fingers. Some people make fun of her. I think it makes her interesting. 

I should have known.

Just barely starting 1st grade but already wise beyond anyone’s years.

Loving  your way through the entire world. 

I know what I could have done for the talent show, mama. 

I think you could do just about anything for the talent show, my love. 

I should have brushed my hair during it, since I’m so good at it. 

I should have known. 

Just over 40 inches tall but filled to the brim with silliness.

Making everyone in your path succumb to laughter. 

Do you think God created the earth, mama? Or do you think Aslan did? 

I’m not quite sure what I think about that, my love. 

I think they probably did some teamwork. There is so much stuff here. 

I should have known. 

Tiny on the outside to all that see you.

Enormous on the inside, where it matters the most. 

I should have known what a wonder you would be. I should have known how huge my heart would grow. I should have known how many times a day I would want you to be by my side.

I didn’t. 

Which has made the surprise even that much better, my love. 

Happy (almost) birthday to the Queen of Sheba. Thank you for blessing us with your presence. 


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