Please don’t forget

Dear Evan and Lulu,

Today the Supreme Court of the United States issued a ruling to make same-sex marriage a nationwide right.

Today I had the honor of watching the world celebrate from the hub of the movement, San Francisco.

Today I got to hear from Robbie Kaplan, about her monumental part in this victory.

Today I wept over and over again, thinking about the happiness this day will ignite.

I thought of my own joy for friends and family. I thought of my own hometown, and I hoped some people can now stop running. But mostly I thought of you. I thought what a beautiful world you will know. I thought what an opportunity you will have. And yet, I also thought what will they never know?

Will you know someone who fights for equality and the sometimes bending, sometimes sloping arc of justice? Will you know someone willing to tell the truth, even when it isn’t popular or supported? Will you know that people fought to make your future a reality? Will you know the strength, resilience, and extreme dedication it took to make this day a reality?

I hope that you will.

Please don’t forget Craig Rodwell, who founded the first gay bookstore and the first Gay Pride Parade.

Please don’t forget Clela Rorex, who issued marriage licenses to same sex couples back in 1975.

Please don’t forget Harvey Milk, who lost his life fighting for the very thing we are celebrating today.

Please don’t forget that thousands of people sacrificed their jobs, their happiness, their family, and even their lives to make this day a reality.

Don’t forget that love in fact does win, but not without the selfless push of individual losses. Losses so great, that the pile of them finally makes the challenge surmountable. 

I hope you never have to experience that type of loss, but I hope you recognize that so many people did.


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