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Add. The. Words.

I’m from a small town in North Idaho. A forgettable town, or at least that’s what I’ve turned it into. Not a vicious town or even an unremarkable town. It’s a town  comprised mostly of hard working people filled with big hearts, crushed dreams and good intentions. I think in many ways it’s symbolic of most of Idaho. We aren’t known for

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Please don’t forget

Dear Evan and Lulu, Today the Supreme Court of the United States issued a ruling to make same-sex marriage a nationwide right. Today I had the honor of watching the world celebrate from the hub of the movement, San Francisco. Today I got to hear from Robbie Kaplan, about her monumental part in this victory. Today I wept over and

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How is married life?

The second you get married people will start asking you this question. “How is married life?” Not just a few times, not just for a few weeks, but apparently for the first few years of your marriage. I have blundered my way through a response too many times to count. Let’s recap my life before marriage. -Future husband and I lived

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Dear Evan and Lulu, “I have a long way to go and a lot to learn, but I feel committed to Idaho. I’m tied to it. And I would love to see it become, and help it to become, a much better place for my daughter to grow up.” That was a quote from me In 2007 when I was

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It could be worse

Dear Evan and Lulu, I say this to you a lot. It could be worse.  When Robie chews all your stuffed animals I tell you “It could be worse” because I know that I’ve already thrown away 250 mangled dolls, books, bubbles, puzzles, markers, and much more of your belongings that became carnage of Robie’s wrath.   It could be

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