Best of Hipmombrarian

Here are some of my favorite posts from over the years.

Some posts are “bests” because they seemed to resonate with readers. This post about using handheld devices with my children got way more attention than I wanted. Obviously it was a conversation that needed to be had.

10 Reasons Why I Will Continue to Give my Children Handheld Devices. 

This post got almost no attention, even from my beloved social media friends. However, something changed in me when I wrote it. I completed a circle I didn’t know was open.

We are the ones. 


I have spent more energy on one relationship in my life than I’ve spent on all the others combined. Running. I wrote a completely sincere, but unsuccessful breakup letter to running. At the time I had no idea that an injury really would end my tumultuous relationship with running. Now I would do anything to get it back!

The End of An Affair. 


Other things I’ve written about include a trip to Kenya, being a librarian,  and lots, and lots, of parenting. 

If you are looking for funny blogs, I have to leave it to my children for the inspiration for those.

Thank the funny gods that they are pathological liars, they pull their pants off,  and they can’t get any words right to a song. 

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