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To my favorite heart

When I decided to go to Kenya in 2010 many people thought it was a strange place to choose to visit. It didn’t make any sense when I tried to articulate it, but somewhere deep inside it fit so perfectly that I knew the experience would be important. So important that it justified a single mom, with two young children,

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Lessons from Shimoni: Part One

It’s been 4 days since I’ve returned home now. In those days I’ve consumed more than enough calories to make up for feeling hungry for 2 weeks. I’ve almost scrubbed the top layer of dirt off my feet. I’ve managed to brush through my hair at least once (tricky after not bringing a brush with me to Africa), and I’ve

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Teaching with nothing

I expected modest living conditions in Shimoni, knowing that it is a small village with extreme poverty. What I didn’t anticipate was that the schools would be so basic as well. There are three schools in Shimoni. A public primary/secondary school, a private Christian primary, and a private Muslim primary. We teach classes in all the schools, which adds wonderful

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And this is how I die…

I tried to come to Kenya with the most open mind possible. I wanted to experience all parts of this beautiful country, and I didn’t want my sheltered American biases to get in the way. Up to this point I think I’ve done a fairly good job of jumping right in. I came to Africa without a single beauty product.

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