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Into the forest

Yesterday we did an amazing 3 ½ hour trek into the rainforest. Now, before you start thinking that every day I get to have some fabulous experience here in Africa, let me assure you that I spent the last two days bed ridden by some awful stomach bug. I literally slept for 24 hours straight, and at times I was

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The best day

Yesterday was my favorite day I’ve spent in Africa so far. Reading under the big tree was such a sweet experience. Since we read while the older kids were in school we had an average age group of about 3 years old. They had no idea what the books were talking about, but they loved to turn the pages, look

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Reading under the tree

Probably my favorite day so far in Shimoni. We got to read to the children of the village who are too young to attend school. We brought books and blankets and sat under a large Bilbao tree. The children came running from all around. It was wonderful to see their excitement over books. This young girl with the flowers on

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First Week

Hi all! We’ve been witihout electricity for a lot of the this first week, so not many updates from me. I am writing blogs frequently on my phone, however, and I’ll publich them as soon as I get power. I am doing well. Loving my time and experience here. The people of Shimoni are so lovely, I’m learning a ton about

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When I first stepped out into the city of Mombasa I felt a great sense of dread and overwhelming anxiety. Mombasa is a small island, but literally has about 4 times as many people as the entire state of Idaho. It has a constant buzz about it where it never seems like people never stop moving, and things never quiet

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First Night

I made it to the hotel which is amazingly beautiful. I just finished anamazing dinner with three other volunteers I’ve found who I will be teaching with. We are quite the diverse group so far. Two from the States, one from Sweeden and one from London. Excited to meet the others tomorrow and head out to the island. Definitely enjoyed

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