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If I could turn back time.

  The first career aspiration I can remember was that I wanted to be a rockstar. I was young and full of magic and hopefulness. Unfortunately I wasn’t full of talent or reality. My future came smashing to an end at the age of 8 when I heard a recording of myself singing for the first time. “That’s not me,” I claimed,

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The Story I’m Telling Myself

I’m not a writer, I’m a storyteller. I try to correct people if they call me the former. Writers are intentional and their work has a conclusion. Storytellers are reactional and their work is always in progress. Plus there is this thing called grammar which ruins writing for me every time. When I was young I used to tell myself

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Our Lousy 12 Days of Christmas

2013 has not been the greatest year for our household. Let me be clear, we have had some amazing moments. However, it has not been the healthiest year we’ve experienced. If I met me in the last year I would have to heavily consider whether or not I am a hypochondriac. I’m not, for the record, I just really disliked

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