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Let’s Start Here.

Being that I can serve in both the roles, educator and parent, I get that there is a line between negligence and hovering that we hope parents can find. But even knowing that the line exists, I frequently feel like I am trying to find it while blindfolded with nobody to guide me. Even when I do find the middle, it is so difficult to stay there.

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Leprechaun T(C)rap

I spent my weekend building a leprechaun trap crap. I can’t really call it a trap because nothing on it was functional except the unintentional RIVER OF TEARS that could drown even a giant leprechaun. This is how the process went. The 6 year old demands help with the trap, saying she has no idea how to do it. A calm,

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What I’ll tell my daughters to wear to school

There are young girls all across this country actively distracting their entire student population and teachers every single day. At least if you believe what you read. What crazy acts of violence, illegal drugs, and debauchery are they partaking in this time? They wear yoga pants. Or formal dresses showing their shoulders. They show up to school with slightly pink hair after participating

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