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Glimpses of Great

I never floss my teeth when I am on vacation. This thought occurred to me when I looked in my husband’s travel bag and spotted dental floss. I don’t know why this is. I’m an avid flosser when I’m at home. It is not like the small spool would add weight to my bags or take up precious packing space. I

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This is why you have children

It has been a week. And it is only Wednesday. It has been a month, actually. Well, to be fair, it has pretty much been a solid 8 years. Eight years of whining, of fighting, of sleepless nights worrying about my children. Eight years of burnt toast. Eight years of yelling phrases like “use your words”, “wash your hands right

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I am looking for a word

I am looking for a word. If I had lost it I am certain it would be found under the heaps of papers littering my daughter’s bed. Wedged in between the scissors she slept on top of, the four books she started last night, and three different journals she has abandoned. It would be dotted with craft pom poms and

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