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Wanting to be needed

Dear Lulu, I can’t sleep between the beep of your heart monitor and the nurse that comes in every few minutes to check your vitals. So instead I sit here and watch your chest fall, thanking all things holy each time it rises again. Watching you like this reminds me of being with you in the hospital right after you were

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Lessons from vacation

  We just returned from our annual Spring Break vacation to the ocean. So you’ll probably want to avoid me for a few days while I decompress after spending 16 hours in a car with children during the last week. I take a vacation every year with my family and yet I am still surprised at the things I learn.

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You can do this

Dear Evan, When you were 2 years old I took you to the zoo to try and waste time until your sister was born. I was huge and miserable, spending my summer binging on watermelon and dreaming of pregnant free days. You  were small and spry, with endless energy and zero patience for your inflated and fatigued mother.  The zoo

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