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My abortion story

This is where I tell you my abortion story. I tell you that I was six weeks along, or 15. I tell you that I was 16-years-old and in love, or 29-years-old and alone. I tell you I cried. Or I didn’t. I tell you because I told nobody, or I tell you as I’ve told many people throughout my

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On Sourdough Starts

Do you remember when we used to fill our weekends with so many activities that we felt like we needed an extra day just to recover from Saturday and Sunday? Now, we walk twice a day to visit three horses that live on the outskirt of our neighborhood. We could bike or drive, but walking takes up more of the

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The long road home

There is a road that leads to my childhood hometown that slices a path through fields of mint. I used to yell at whoever was driving to roll their windows down, even in the heat of summer, when we’d get to that specific spot where I knew the air would be filled with the sweetest fragrance imaginable. It wasn’t the

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I gave birth to a book.

On July 18th, 12:01 AM following three months of researching, five months of writing, three months of revising and four months of waiting, I gave birth to a healthy, beautiful, 8oz, 9in long book.  This pregnancy was not unlike my first two. It started with a lot of questions. Q: “How much money does it cost to have a child?”

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Send a Girl to STEM Camp. It Matters.

If you have a girl who can attend, I urge you to send them. If you know a girl who would attend if it weren’t for the financials, I urge you to nominate them. If you know someone who would like to help send a girl to one of these camps, I urge you to put them in touch with me. This problem of girls in STEM is not going to solve itself, it is waiting for us to act.

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Some Girl

Some girl wants to be Barbie when she grows up. The place card in the middle of my table tells me so. A pain in my chest resonates. It’s a doll. She wants to be a plastic doll? It feels like nothing and everything all at once.

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