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Why we share.

Is there a more uttered phrase from parenthood than “we share!”? Probably not in my household. From before my children were able to crawl, right up to current day where they can’t sit still, “we share” is echoed from every corner of my house reverberating until it interrupts every new argument, sometimes before it even begins. It only took a few

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Think before you Pink

It is a feeling of hopelessness that brings us to this place. Desperate to save those who suffer. Determined to prevent those we hope never will. We are clawing and grasping to find any morsel of earth to hold onto when we feel like we’re spiraling out of control. It is hopelessness. I know that now. I used to think it was

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  On November 1st I woke up to birds calling, I kissed my fresh-breathed fiance, I didn’t have to yell at my dutiful minions even once, I ran 5 miles with ease and when I returned to my spotless house I declared with confidence “I’m going to write a novel this month!” That is not actually what happened.  Instead, on

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