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You can do this

Dear Evan, When you were 2 years old I took you to the zoo to try and waste time until your sister was born. I was huge and miserable, spending my summer binging on watermelon and dreaming of pregnant free days. You  were small and spry, with endless energy and zero patience for your inflated and fatigued mother.  The zoo

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Born to Ride.

photo from: http://nytshirtstore.spreadshirt.com/born-to-ride-A4615157 Several months ago after reading Christopher McDougall’s bestselling book, Born to Run, I decided I hadn’t given running a fair shot. I read the book and McDougall made me a believer. Not only was I born to run, but I was born to run with almost no cushioning between my foot and the brutal terrain.  I begged running for forgiveness and cloaked

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