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Some Girl

Some girl wants to be Barbie when she grows up. The place card in the middle of my table tells me so. A pain in my chest resonates. It’s a doll. She wants to be a plastic doll? It feels like nothing and everything all at once.

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What I’ll tell my daughters to wear to school

There are young girls all across this country actively distracting their entire student population and teachers every single day. At least if you believe what you read. What crazy acts of violence, illegal drugs, and debauchery are they partaking in this time? They wear yoga pants. Or formal dresses showing their shoulders. They show up to school with slightly pink hair after participating

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This is not the problem

I once had a boyfriend who held me down on the bed and spit in my face, refusing to let me leave the house. When justifying it later, as he usually spent hours doing, he said it was his only choice since he couldn’t hit me. Personally, I think I would have rather taken a punch. That is what I

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