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So much more than pretty

    “I hope I’m pretty when I grow up,” you tell me, with wide fawn eyes and a nervous smile. You say it earnestly seeking out the future and not just fishing for compliments. “Why is it important to you?” I ask, trying to steady my voice and keep it void of emotion. “Because pretty matters,” you tell me confidently,

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It could be worse

Dear Evan and Lulu, I say this to you a lot. It could be worse.  When Robie chews all your stuffed animals I tell you “It could be worse” because I know that I’ve already thrown away 250 mangled dolls, books, bubbles, puzzles, markers, and much more of your belongings that became carnage of Robie’s wrath.   It could be

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Wanting to be needed

Dear Lulu, I can’t sleep between the beep of your heart monitor and the nurse that comes in every few minutes to check your vitals. So instead I sit here and watch your chest fall, thanking all things holy each time it rises again. Watching you like this reminds me of being with you in the hospital right after you were

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I’m a competitor

Dear Evan and Lulu, Two weeks ago I was uncharacteristically watching football when I saw a post-game interview with a jacked up, dread-locked, mouthy fellow by the name of Richard Sherman. Sherman caught my attention (and the attention of most the nation) because he was loud, proud, and ruthless. He played a vital role in winning the game to send

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