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How is married life?

The second you get married people will start asking you this question. “How is married life?” Not just a few times, not just for a few weeks, but apparently for the first few years of your marriage. I have blundered my way through a response too many times to count. Let’s recap my life before marriage. -Future husband and I lived

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Go Slow.

“Maybe you should turn your work email off during our honeymoon,” the new husband says. “I don’t even know how to do that!” I admit. He takes my phone, makes a few swooshes with his finger, and it is done. I feel a rush of both relief and trepidation wash over me. I’ve never vacationed like this before. Day 1.  Before I

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                              When you propose to a librarian, you don’t really know what you are in for. You think you’ll have a lifetime of good book suggestions, but you don’t know you’ll have to pull off a literary themed wedding.   But as a true librarian, when

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A Wedding Prayer

  Please forgive me for all the times I referred to brides as “bridezilla.” I had no idea how many spreadsheets they were having to look at on a daily basis. Please also forgive me for the judgement I passed on couples who elope. I had no idea how many spreadsheets they avoided by making that decision. Please let my family

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The vows that aren’t making the cut

I’m writing my own vows for my wedding. Or, I’m supposed to be writing my own vows for my wedding. Every time I start thinking about what my vows could say, I feel like I’m negotiating a hostage situation more than declaring my love for someone. What can I honestly promise to do for an eternity? I can’t comfort, honor,

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My Wedding Diet

I am thrilled to be getting married. I truly am. I can’t wait to have one giant celebration and to yell to the world “I found a guy who talks as much as I do!” It is going to be an amazing party. But there isn’t one step of the wedding planning where I am not reminded that this is

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