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You can do this

Dear Evan, When you were 2 years old I took you to the zoo to try and waste time until your sister was born. I was huge and miserable, spending my summer binging on watermelon and dreaming of pregnant free days. You  were small and spry, with endless energy and zero patience for your inflated and fatigued mother.  The zoo

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What I Meant to Say

Dear Lulu, Sometimes I feel bad that most of these posts are about your sister. I seem to relate to her more in a blog format. When I think about her my thoughts fall here. When I think about you my thoughts turn to books. Your grandiose sayings and defiant attitude make you the perfect subject of children’s book.  Here

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  On November 1st I woke up to birds calling, I kissed my fresh-breathed fiance, I didn’t have to yell at my dutiful minions even once, I ran 5 miles with ease and when I returned to my spotless house I declared with confidence “I’m going to write a novel this month!” That is not actually what happened.  Instead, on

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Photo courtesy of Creative Commons License from user http://www.flickr.com/photos/sincerelyhiten/ I attended a memoir writing workshop this last weekend with Nicole LeFavour. I have no real plans to start working on a memoir right now because I’m 31 and have a pretty uninteresting life, but I jumped at the opportunity to learn, to meet people, to write. She did a great job

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