Technology: It Matters.

I get a lot of pleasure looking through the search terms that bring people to my blog. Many people find me when they are searching for information about lazy parents who use electronics with their children. My niche.

Of those people, searching for justification about the evils of technology, I often times can’t help but notice how proper use of technology would actually help them with their issues.

Like this one.

Screenshot 2014-09-11 22.47.38I’m not necessarily shocked this type of search happens. Understandably, plenty of people don’t know that there can’t be spaces in a url and that you only need the www and .com if you know the specific address you are wanting to go to. (Just a hunch, I don’t think that is a n actual url.) But how does it happen THREE times? Three times someone typed in that search and three times they ended up on my blog. Damn that technology! No wonder they don’t want their children using it.

Then there are parents who just seem unsure of what the internet has to offer their children. So who do they consult? The internet!

Screenshot 2014-09-11 22.56.03

I think if you have to ask, the answer is probably yes. My blog likely assured them there are things on the internet they don’t want their kids to see.

My favorite kind of search that results in people finding my blog is from those who have mistaken the internet for their counselor. Screenshot 2014-09-12 08.21.07

Screenshot 2014-09-12 08.13.00Screenshot 2014-09-11 22.52.16

I love moms. Hopefully she was more helpful than my blog was.

Technology matters. It is fine if you choose not to use it. However, don’t get upset when you DO try to use it and you end up on my lousy blog over and over again (because I do know how to use it).

Don’t worry, the majority of people still stumble upon my site the old fashioned way. By searching for “crazy vegetarians”, “angry women voters”, “crying African children“, and “peeing your pants on purpose.” I hope I don’t disappoint those searchers as much as I do the ones against technology use.


  • Hilarious. I found your blog when the great “kids and technology” debate went on – through Facebook or something. I’ve loved your blog ever since. 🙂


  • “Peeing your pants on purpose” — classic. I still get a lot of traffic from people looking for “big lebowski sweater” because I once upon a time mentioned it. Pretty sure they’re not getting what they came for. 😉


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